WDBJ7 Provides Thousands of Dollars of Airtime to Non-Profit Organizations Each Year

If your organization qualifies (501c3 certified), we will consider your request for public service support. If your proposal is approved, we will assist with idea generation, scripting, selection of talent or voice, graphics, music, and location shooting. Availability of PSA production services is limited but we are committed to serving our community by producing and air as many local public service announcements as possible.

We may be able to use any high quality video and digital photographs you supply. Typically, along with the message, we will include your phone number, Website and other contact information. Business logos will not be included in public service announcements, unless they are part of a joint campaign in which WDBJ7 is partnering with other businesses to support the public service cause.

Public Service Announcements produced at no charge by WDBJ 7 are not available to run on other television stations. We offer full production services at reasonable rates for announcements that do not meet these guidelines.

In general, if your organization pays for advertising in any print or electronic media, it is not eligible for PSA production or airtime on WDBJ7.

Getting Pre-produced PSA’s on WDBJ 7

WDBJ 7 accepts PSA’s produced by non-profit organizations (501c3) if they adhere to our PSA policy.

If your organization’s PSA was produced elsewhere and you would like to air it on WDBJ 7, drop off a copy to our studios on Beta SP or DVC-PRO tape. Selection of Public Service Announcements for air is solely at the discretion of WDBJ 7 management. We do not guarantee that all announcements received will be included in our on-air schedule.

In addition to the general qualifications listed above, here are a few examples of conditions that prevent WDBJ 7 from airing a PSA:

  •  The announcement contains commercial business logos.
  •  The on camera talent or voice is a personality, anchor or actor from a competing station or network.
  •  The video and audio quality does not meet our engineering standards.
  •  The PSA contains copyrighted music or video not cleared for air.
  •  There are bad edits within the video and misspellings.

Nationally Distributed PSA’s

WDBJ 7 welcomes nationally distributed PSA’s. They must go through the same selection process as local Public Service Announcements and they are solely selected at the discretion of the management of WDBJ 7.


In order to allow adequate time for production, all information for your PSA must be received well in advance of the proposed on-air start date. If you are providing a produced announcement for our consideration, four weeks is the minimum lead time we need. If you are requesting our help in producing the announcement, we request that you contact us 12 weeks in advance, although we do recognize that emergency needs of the community sometimes make that impossible.

To apply for a PSA, email your organization’s information to PSA@wdbj7.com. To speed up the process, please attach your organization’s logo. We prefer PSD, but will accept high resolution JPEG or AI.