A Salem boy shares a life-saving bond with his dog

Salem boy who suffers seizures has a lifesaving bond with his dog
Salem boy who suffers seizures has a lifesaving bond with his dog(WDBJ)
Published: May. 19, 2016 at 7:32 AM EDT
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The bond between a boy and his dog is like no other.

For a Salem boy who suffers from seizures, it's a life-saving friendship.

The Manus family took in a three-year-old chocolate lab named Leroy has an emergency foster.

Leroy and five-year-old Gabe Manus made an instant connection.

Gabe has autism spectrum disorder, with sensory processing issues. Leroy helps him with that by laying next to him.

Gabe also complex partial epilepsy, and with that comes seizures.

He suffered one while he was alone in a room with Leroy.

Stephanie Manus, Gabe's mother says, "I hear him like, howling, I mean howling like he was hurt. And so I came out running to see what was wrong. Gabe had been laying in the floor, in the middle of a seizure and he's on top of him, holding him down.".

A couple of weeks ago, Leroy started howling again.

It was a warning before Gabe suffered a nearly six- minute seizure that sent him to the emergency room.

For Gabe, that marked the moment that Leroy went from being a companion, to a lifeline.

Now he's becoming a permanent member of the family.

They say they need $3,700.00 to pay for Leroy's training as a therapy dog, and to build the necessary fencing for him.

It's money they don't have right now, so they're working to raise funds to keep these best friends together.

You'll find details on a link to their youcaring page.