Late-week cold front could bring first, widespread frost this weekend

Pleasant, fall-like air until this weekend
Published: Oct. 5, 2022 at 3:50 AM EDT|Updated: Oct. 5, 2022 at 6:07 PM EDT
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  • Sunshine and dry weather to end the week
  • Cold front brings a major weekend cool down!
  • Increasing chance of widespread frost early Sunday morning


Not hardly a cloud in the sky tonight with lows slipping into the upper 40s.


After a chilly start to the day, temperatures will once again warm to the low 70s by the afternoon with abundant sunshine.


A strong, but mostly dry cold front pushes through the region on Friday. A stray shower is possible on Friday, but most will remain dry with a few clouds added in as the front pushes by. This will send temperatures tumbling into the weekend as cooler air from Canada dips south. Friday itself will remain mild with highs in the 70s. Overnight lows will drop in the low 40s for most.

With such a pronounced fall front, we’ll see dramatic pressure rise and cool air rushing in quickly. This will likely create gusty winds 15-25 mph, especially in some of the higher elevations Friday evening.


Highs by Saturday will only read in the 50s for most and a few low 60s. It is possible that some of the coolest air we have felt since early spring will arrive with lows by Sunday morning dropping into the 30s!

Patchy frost and/or a light freeze will be possible for areas generally along and west of the Blue Ridge Saturday, Sunday, and Monday mornings. However, the most likely night for widespread frost will be Saturday night into Sunday.

The first widespread frost or freeze is anticipated Sunday morning.
The first widespread frost or freeze is anticipated Sunday morning.(WDBJ7)

Any fall outdoor activities and festivals should be dry and sunny. Just be sure to protect the plants this weekend.

COVER THE PLANTS! Protect plants from all but the hardest freeze (28°F for 4-5 hours) by covering them with sheets, towels, blankets, cardboard or a tarp. You can also invert baskets, coolers or any container with a solid bottom over plants. Water the plants and cover them before dark to trap warmer air.


No named storms right now, but we are still in the middle of the tropical season and the Atlantic is still active. We now have Tropical Depression #12 (not likely to develop into a named storm) off the African coast heading westward and another area that has an 80% chance (high) of cyclone development. We’ll continue to monitor these systems.

TD #12 has developed and we continue to watch another area that has a 80% chance of becoming a...
TD #12 has developed and we continue to watch another area that has a 80% chance of becoming a tropical system.(WDBJ Weather)

Track the latest in our Hurricane Center or on our new WDBJ7 Weather Stream.