Southside crews work to clear debris and restore power after hurricane Ian remnants

Published: Oct. 3, 2022 at 7:17 PM EDT
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DANVILLE, Va. (WDBJ) - Crews in Danville are continuing to restore power and clean up debris from the remnants of Hurricane Ian over the weekend.

The remnants of the storm caused many downed power lines and fallen trees over the weekend in the Southside area.

The Danville Public Works crew responded to 25 fallen trees and continued to clear roads Monday.

“You can never know what a storm is going to bring. Michael brought us a lot of rain and not much wind. This one brought not much rain and not many flooding problems, but a lot of wind,” said Rick Drazenovich, Public Works Director.

Public Works is waiving volume restrictions for tree limbs, brush and other debris due to the amount of storm damage for the next two weeks.

“After the storm, now we’re trying to assess how much debris we will be getting from downed trees and limbs being blown off. So, we’re waiving the volume limit because we know there’s probably a lot of backyard trees that are down that people are going to have to cut up and bring out the street,” added Drazenovich.

The Danville Life Saving Crew had an increase in calls over the weekend, but did not have to use its special teams.

“Most of them were medical calls. A lot of them came around the same time as each other. We didn’t have any extrications or anything where we had to get anybody out of any wrecked cars, and didn’t have to get anybody out of the water. So, that was good,” said Charlotte Newnam, special operations captain for the Danville Life Saving Crew.

Captain Newnam says the Life Saving Crew was very prepared for the storm.

“We did learn a couple years ago when we had hurricane Michael, when we got a tremendous seven inches of rainfall in an hour and a half, that it can it can be very detrimental to our area, especially with the river right here running right through the city,” explained Newnam.

The Public Works crew along with Danville Utilities will be working overtime and using extra hands for the next few days.