Lynchburg-area transportation, power crews brace for Sunday winter storm

Published: Jan. 14, 2022 at 4:49 PM EST
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LYNCHBURG, Va. (WDBJ) - Crews in Lynchburg were out early Friday as the city’s public works department gears up for Sunday’s winter storm.

Forecasts say five to 10 inches of snow.

But folks here are already taking action a couple days ahead of time.

“We’ve done a healthy dose of pre-treatment and continuing that this morning. We’re hoping that will help to prevent that bond between the snow and the pavement,” said Clay Simmons, Lynchburg Public Works deputy director.

Simmons says they’re also watching out for any ice and the challenges that brings.

He says they have an abrasive ready to put down should roadways become iced.

“In the areas that we get to where we’re just sort of pure ice if that were to happen, we’ll start putting down an abrasive,” said Simmons.

Meanwhile, Dominion Energy is placing crews throughout their service area.

They say it’s all hands on deck if a response from them is needed.

“We’ve got a full cohort of Dominion Energy crews and contractors on standby to response and requested assistance from other utilities on standby should it be needed,” said Craig Carper, spokesperson.

Carper says the threat of ice presents its own challenges as opposed to just snow.

“It is obviously heavier than snow and it can create more weight and drag on lines and support structures, poles,” said Carper. “So it’s something certainly we’ll be watching and for people to be aware of.”

As crews are out, the message is still the same: stay home Sunday.

“Stay off the roads unless you absolutely have to travel,” said Simmons. “We wouldn’t recommend it.”

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