Grown Here at Home: Why washing Homestead Creamery bottles before you return them makes a difference

Published: Jan. 10, 2022 at 6:59 AM EST
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WIRTZ, Va. (WDBJ) - One thing that makes Homestead Creamery’s milk so special is the glass bottle in which it’s sold. It’s simply nostalgic. Just like back in the milk man days, when all the milk is gone, they ask you to return your bottles. Nowadays with glass bottle shortages, it’s a critical time to make sure you’re returning them.

“We can’t always get more bottles. A lot of the timelines we used to have in the past are now up in the air so we can’t get the bottles when we would expect to get them,” explained Claudia Pick, Homestead Creamery marketing representative.

With any operation, it takes all parts working together to keep it seamless. Customers play a big part in Homestead Creamery’s operation. Outside of just buying the product, washing your bottle before you return it is a big deal.

“We get a lot of bottles that come in and sometimes we can’t salvage them, and that just makes it harder on us,” Claudia said.

The bottles they can save have to be washed several times before they’re usable. The creamery fills thousands of bottles a day with their milk, and unwashed bottles slow down the process. Also, when it comes to returning the bottles, you don’t have to return the cap with it, just throw it away.

“Because we re-use the glass bottles we never know which specific product will be in that bottle. All the nutrition information goes on the cap, but we can’t re-use them because it may not go with that bottle the next time. You may have chocolate milk in that bottle one time and then the next time it comes through it could have strawberry milk,” Claudia explained.

Plus, a bonus is you get $2 back for every bottle you return.

“The best thing to do is enjoy the product and then fully wash [the bottle], remove the cap and then take it back to the store that you purchased it from. Once you return your bottle, it comes straight back to us and goes through the process again, of being washed, bottled and back to you. So when you immediately return your bottle we can get our products to you much faster,” Claudia said.

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