What could a new Bedford police building look like?

Published: Nov. 9, 2021 at 4:54 PM EST
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BEDFORD, Va. (WDBJ) - Last November, WDBJ7 told you about discussions over a new Bedford police building.

Since then, work has been done to help bring the idea to life.

At Tuesday’s town council meeting, a completed needs assessment and building concept will be reviewed.

“We’ve been in this building since 1968 and we are in the basement. There’s a lot of things we’re lacking to make us run as an efficient, professional police department,” said Todd Foreman, police chief.

Currently, you can see the entire station from one point next to the entrance.

They’re looking just down the hill from their current location for the new building. They’re considering a two-story building in that lot.

Foreman says the station needs a number of things, including showers, a bigger evidence room and more.

“Our evidence room is very small... it doesn’t have ventilation in it,” said Foreman. “But as also need to have... an armory... right now where we store our weapons and our ammo is a very small closet.

“We don’t have the proper facilities here for them to shower and clean up and change into another uniform, so we need a shower and those spaces.”

They’d also like a community room in the new building. Foreman says that room could be multi-purpose.

“Biggest thing is we’ll be able to have public in the space. We’ll have either classes or training or meetings so that we can all meet in that public space,” said Foreman.

Everything on the idea is still preliminary.

No final decisions have yet been made.

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