Youngkin promises new direction in Richmond

Published: Oct. 26, 2021 at 8:38 PM EDT
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ROANOKE, Va. (WDBJ) - “Who’s ready for a new governor?” Glenn Youngkin asked the crowd at the Salem Farmer’s market earlier this month.

“As long as it’s you,” a supporter responded. “As long as it’s you!”

At rallies in western Virginia and across the Commonwealth, Glenn Youngkin has made the case for a change of direction in Richmond.

“The left liberal progressive agenda that’s trying to turn us into California East is not welcome here,” Youngkin told the audience. “And we in fact are going to make a difference.”

“My Day One Game Plan will lower taxes, eliminate the grocery tax and save Virginians nearly $1500 year one,” Youngkin said in a campaign commercial.

The Republican nominee is calling for tax cuts, more charter schools, overhauls of the Department of Motor Vehicles, the Virginia Employment Commission and the Virginia Parole Board.

He says his business experience will benefit the state.

“I understand how to get things done as opposed to making empty promises,” Youngkin said in a recent interview with WDBJ7.

“This is to me is a characteristic of yes, character, but also a recognition that we don’t make promises we can’t fulfill.”

The McAuliffe campaign has tied Youngkin to former President Donald Trump, highlighted the Republican’s opposition to abortion, criticized his position against vaccine mandates, questioned his priorities as chief executive of the Carlyle Group, and argued his tax plans will have disastrous consequences for public education and other core services.

“The criticism is that the Glenn Youngkin we see on the campaign trail is not necessarily the Glenn Youngkin that we get if we elect you. When you hear that kind of rhetoric, what do you say?” we asked Youngkin.

“Well first of all again, it’s Terry McAuliffe floundering, because he recognizes that voters trust me,” Youngkin said.

“Virginians have expressed a strong desire for a governor they can trust, for a governor that’s going to bring dignity into that office, for a governor that’s going to work for them, not tell ‘em what to do all the time.”

“That’s why I’m so encouraged by Virginians coming together to support our campaign. And on January 15th, I’m going to humbly go work for all Virginians.”

We’ll hear from Terry McAuliffe later this week, but up next is our conversation with Liberation Party Candidate Princess Blanding Wednesday.

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