Bedford County supervisors consider study to refuel Montvale tanks by railroads

Published: Oct. 25, 2021 at 5:39 PM EDT
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MONTVALE, Va. (WDBJ) - Trucks pass through Montvale Monday, three years since fuel tanks along Route 460 had service cut to them.

Colonial Pipeline serviced the tanks, but since 2018, they’ve sat quiet.

Monday also means the possibility of a new beginning for the facilities as the county considers a study to refuel them.

“It’s important for the security of the locality that we have a reliable supply of gasoline and diesel fuel,” said Bob Davis, a board of supervisors representative.

Monday night, officials will consider a study that involves trains. They’re looking at transporting fuel by rail to the tanks.

Davis cites security as one reason for getting fuel back into them.

“What if there’s no fuel for the emergency EMS people? So, ambulances and firetrucks can’t run,” said Davis.

Another reason: prices at the pump.

Davis says these would drop with fuel available at the tanks, as trucks wouldn’t have to go to North Carolina to get it.

“Truck drivers [have] to burn up gas, tires, oil, run all the way to Greensboro to get fuel and bring it back here and of course hours they have to work and traffic on the highway that’s needless because of those tanks sitting there empty,” said Davis.

A timeline on how long that study would take has not been established.

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