Miyares says AG’s office needs new focus

Published: Oct. 20, 2021 at 6:52 PM EDT
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ROANOKE, Va. (WDBJ) - At campaign rallies in western Virginia, a law enforcement conference at the Hotel Roanoke and in an interview on the quad at James Madison University, Jason Miyares said the choice is clear in the race for Attorney General in Virginia.

“The most striking difference is if you want someone who has been trained as a politician, that’s my opponent,” Miyares told WDBJ7. “If you want somebody who’s been trained as a prosecutor who’s actually gone after violent criminals, I’m your candidate. And that’s why I think we have so much momentum in this campaign.”

In his campaign ads, and “on the stump,” Miyares has stressed his Cuban-American roots.

“I’m Jason Miyares. The son of an immigrant, I grew up to be a prosecutor, and now a candidate for Attorney General,” Miyares said in one of his campaign commercials.

A Republican Delegate representing Virginia Beach in the General Assembly, he has also hammered away at controversy involving the Virginia Parole Board.

“Right now in my opinion, we have a criminal first, victim last mindset in Richmond,” Miyares said. “I want to have a victim first mindset.”

But Democrats argue Miyares supports an extreme agenda.

A new ad from the Mark Herring campaign highlights a major contribution from the Republican Attorneys General Association, tying the group to events in Washington January 6.

“Organizers who planned and financed January 6th are now financing Jason Miyares with half a million dollars,” the narrator said in the ad. “And Jason Miyares is in lockstep with their agenda.”

Miyares said it’s the Democrats who are extreme, and out of step with Virginia voters.

“People know I’m a common-sense leader. I’m going to call balls and strikes. I want to be a check and balance in Richmond,” Miyares said. “Right now we have one-party rule, that I think is out of control. I want to bring a check and balance to that role. And that’s what I’m going to do as Attorney General.”

We’ll hear from the Democratic nominee, Attorney General Mark Herring, Thursday.

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