B&B Theatres is reveals its Grand Screen auditorium

Published: Oct. 8, 2021 at 6:03 PM EDT
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BLACKSBURG, Va. (WDBJ) - Moviegoers can catch some of their favorite and upcoming movies in a new way.

Blacksburg’s B&B Theatres recently revealed their new Grand Screen auditorium.

The Grand Screen is the first of its kind in Virginia.

It is powered by CGS auditorium features and the latest 4K dual-laser projection from Cinionic.

“DTS X immersive sound and dual 4k laser projectors, it’s the first of its kind, I believe there’s only three in the country,” said Patrick Doherty, general manager at Blacksburg 11 B&B Theatres.

“We can accommodate anything in that auditorium, and plus we have other auditoriums in the movie theater that we can play with, but Grand Theatre is by far the best one,” said Charlie Stoner, sales and events marketing manager at Blacksburg 11 B&B Theatres.

Moviegoers can expect a bigger and brighter cinema experience.

The new auditorium also includes heated, electric, leather recliners.

If you visit B&B Theatres you may also see a few upgrades in the arcade and upstairs event space.

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