Nesselrod gets new owners, name after sitting vacant for over a year

Published: Apr. 6, 2021 at 10:45 PM EDT
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FAIRLAWN, Va. (WDBJ) - New owners have taken over the Nesselrod in Pulaski County, a famous bed and breakfast that has served the community for decades.

In 2019, we first told you about the venue suddenly shutting its doors in November without any warning, leaving many brides out a deposit and a venue for their big days.

Jeff and Anna Caldwell took over the property at the end of March, and they want to work with the brides that had their big days ruined.

Now, the business is called Nesselrod on the New, one of the original business names. The owners don’t want to be associated with those past scams and are ready and now open to serve our hometowns.

“This is something that has been a staple of the community for years and years, and to have it just sitting here not being used, we’re super excited to get it back up and running,” Jeff said.

The 13 acres of the Nesselrod have sat vacant for nearly a year and a half. Now, those doors are back open.

“I’m very excited, it’s a new endeavor for us,” Anna said. “Coming out of COVID people are wanting to get out and wanting to move around and see people again and find outings. Hopefully we can find a good way to put that in.”

Anna grew up in Clifton Forge and Jeff in Radford. The couple is embarking on a new journey to serve the community they love.

“We don’t want any affiliation with the stuff that’s gone bad,” Jeff said. “We want to make that reputation change over so people don’t look at Nesselrod as the stuff that happened two or three years ago, but they look at it as a new, vibrant venue that’s going to be great for Pulaski County and the City of Radford and all of the New River Valley.”

They’re re-launching this hidden gem overlooking the New River to fill the needs of the community.

“A lot of functions, even with the current restrictions, are able to have the benefit of the property and the facilities that we have as they’re not too big and not too small, they’re just the right size,” Jeff said.

In the outdoor pavilion alone, following current COVID guidance from the governor, the Caldwells said they can fit between 150 to 170 people safely. There are four outdoor spaces that can be rented separately or together for the event you are looking to host.

“We welcome any ideas and suggestions,” Anna said. “No idea or opportunity is too small.”

Those brides who lost their security deposits never did get their money back. The property manager at the time passed away over the summer of 2020.

The new owners want to look past that and work with those brides and anyone in the community to provide a safe space for them to host events as COVID restrictions are loosened in the months ahead.

The Thomas House at Nesselrod was built in 1939 and owned by Grace Nesselrod and her husband Minor Wine Thomas before it was turned into a bed and breakfast.

Nesselrod on the New is open and available to book. It is located at 7535 Lee Hwy. in Fairlawn.

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