Bedford County man retires after driving school bus for 61 years

Published: Jun. 24, 2020 at 5:43 PM EDT
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FOREST, Va. (WDBJ) - “I did my best to take care of them,” said James Bryant, Sr.

In his driveway just off a road in Forest, Bryant stands with family gathered around.

The retired life has now begun for him after driving a school bus for 61 years.

Now at the young age of 82, Bryant sits and thinks about what’s gotten him through all that time.

“I’m a Christian,” said Bryant. “I don’t believe in hurting nobody and that’s why God let me live to see this day.”

Bryant has seen a lot of change since he started driving kids to school. In fact, he recalls a time when not all kids went to the same place to learn and grow.

“The schools was all separate - the segregation, all that,” said Bryant. “We went to black schools. I carried kids to black schools.”

But now, with his career closed, he says he’s happy to see change in the world.

And for his family, they say they’re happy to know the man who got generations of kids - including some of them - to school every day.

“Having all the patience, everything, all the love for all his children is very comforting cause he drove me since I was a kid also,” said Kyla Hayes.

“He always shows love. Not just to me, but to everyone he really comes in contact with,” said Jamerson Bryant.

“I feel wonderful, feel wonderful to stick to him, stick by him and stick with him through everything,” said Hilda Bryant.

“I have to cry sometimes. I can’t help it cause I’m a thankful person. Today, God let me live to get to 82 years old,” said Bryant.

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